The Dartz

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The Dartz
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Background information
Origin Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Genres Folk / Rock
Years active 1997–2012
Labels Boglach Records
Members Dmitry Kourtsman, Anton Gorelikov, Igor Burmistrov, Kirill Panshin, Dmitry Ignatov, Alexander Popov, Michael Spek, Nikolay Emelyanov

The Dartz is a folk-rock band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The band started in 1997 as acoustic folk trio by Dmitry "Dee" Kourtsman, Igor Starostin and Vladimir "Hermano" Kozachek. Later, when new musicians joined the band and the style developed towards more heavy sound, The Dartz transformed into folk-rock band with drums, electric guitars and synthesizers. The band is most notable for their impact on so called "celtomania" movemement on Russian scene in early 2000, and later for conceptual albums "Бывает Иногда" (2007) and Proxima Parada (2009). The latter was credited as "the best russian album of 2009" in Russian Top held by NEWSMusic.[1] "Proxima Parada" was performed in theaters along with Persona Viva trouppe, and later in 2012 underwent into a second edition with more bonus tracks. In 2012 The Dartz disbanded. Shortly after that two of the members, Dee and Kirill Panshin, has left the country.


Former members[edit]


  • Natalia "Hellawes" O'Shea (of Мельница) — vocals
  • Konstantin "Troll" Rumyantsev (of Тролль Гнёт Ель) — vocals
  • Inna Bondar (of Ann Sannath) — vocals
  • Igor Lisov (of Зелёные Рукава) — buzuki, flutes
  • Natalia Kotlova (of Мельница) — cello
  • Aleksandrs "Kep" Dmitrievs (of Old Horned Sheep) — banjo
  • Pavel Burnaev — trumpet
  • Yelena "Mirish" Khanpira (of Tol Miriam) — vocals
  • Dmitry Ivanov (of Racoons) — drums




  • Гитара, Голос, Барабаны! / Исландский Мох (vinyl single, 2012)
  • Ночь Повернула На День / Дети Собирают Землянику (2011)
  • Катти Сарк / 11 Лет (2008)
  • Когда Позовёт Тебя Море / Потому, Что Я Играю Фолк (2006)


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