The Day My Soul Became a Star

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The Day My Soul Became a Star [1] is an animated short film by M. Eastling produced by Rex Rey Films. The film is a rare resource to encourage hopeful conversations between parents and children about the inevitable. Utilizing an innovative blend of 3D animation with 2D watercolor textures the film's artistic team created the short’s signature look. The theme song for the short animation is “Satellite” performed by Guster (courtesy of Warner Music Group and Nettwerk management.) The film was among only 33 films from around the world up for Oscar consideration for the 2008 Academy Awards. The film is based on a children's book written by Molly Eastling.

Festival Screenings: Cannes Film Festival 2008, Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) 2008.


The story for The Day My Soul Became a Star is inspired by a Native American belief that when a person passes away, their soul becomes a star enabling them to always watch over those whom they left behind and allowing us to look up and eternally connect with our ancestors. The journey begins with a dog and his owner who have a very special connection. The film depicts one possibility of what may happen when we are no longer tethered to our bodies and become free to see all the beauty of the world, understand all languages and appreciate many different cultures from an enlightened point of view. The story comes full circle as the dog looks up to the night sky to find his owner’s shining star watching over him; knowing he and his owner will “be together again someday”.


M. Eastling [2]

CG Supervisors
Steven Caron [3]
Chad Vernon [4]
J. Patrick Li [5]

Lead Story Board Artist
Derek Salemme [6]

Lead Character Designer
Mandy Draeger

Storyboard Artists & Designers -
Tyne Delwiche
Rehana Kahn [7]
Rebekah Osorio
Joseph Rivers

Chad Seiter [8]

Lead Digital Artist
Derrick Lau [9]

Lead Modeler
Kory Pederson

Lead Texture Artist
Rebekah Osorio

Lead Animator
Ryan Chan

Effects Development
Andrew Osiow
Ray Sena [10]

Digital Artists
David Beck [11]
Olivia Bouwkamp [12]
Tyne Delwiche
Mandy Draeger
Victor Ingrussia
Rehana Khan [13]
Christy Park
Ron Rhee
Michael Rispoli
Mariah Robinson [14]
Derek Salemme [15]

Chad Seiter [16]
Violin - Mark Robertson
Cello - Victor Lawrence
Flutes - Don Markese
Drums - Jared Hudson

Sam Baker [17]
TAB Burton [18]
Sydni Downs
Joseph Rivers
Michael Silk
Deandre A. Thompson