The Dead Eyes of London

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The Dead Eyes of London
The Dead Eyes of London FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Alfred Vohrer
Produced by Horst Wendlandt
Written by Edgar Wallace (novel)
Egon Eis
Wolfgang Lukschy
Starring Joachim Fuchsberger
Music by Heinz Funk
Cinematography Karl Löb
Edited by Ira Oberberg
Distributed by Rialto Film
Release dates
  • 28 March 1961 (1961-03-28)
Running time 98 minutes
Country West Germany
Language German

The Dead Eyes of London (German: Die toten Augen von London and also known as Dark Eyes of London) is a 1961 West German crime film directed by Alfred Vohrer and starring Joachim Fuchsberger, Karin Baal and Dieter Borsche. It is based on the 1924 novel The Dark Eyes of London by Edgar Wallace[1] which had been previously adapted into the 1939 British film The Dark Eyes of London, aka The Human Monster, introducing a number of horror elements which had not been in the original book. The British film had been released in Germany and proved popular. The German film is closer to being a remake of the earlier British film rather than a close adaptation of Wallace's novel.

It was the first Edgar Wallace Krimi film to be directed by Alfred Vohrer who directed 13 more in the genre.


In this film, a series of murders of wealthy men leads investigators to a group of blind men with a mysterious leader.



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