The Denison/Kimball Trio

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The Denison/Kimball Trio
Genres Experimental rock, jazz
Years active 1994–1999
Labels Quarterstick, Skin Graft
Associated acts Firewater, The Jesus Lizard, Laughing Hyenas, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Mule, Silver Jews, Tomahawk, U.S.S.A.
Past members Duane Denison
Jim Kimball
Ken Vandermark

The Denison/Kimball Trio (sometimes known as DK3) were a musical duo consisting of guitarist Duane Denison and drummer Jim Kimball. Their music was completely instrumental and heavily influenced by jazz, the avant-garde and movie scores.[1] The group's debut album was the soundtrack to Walls in the City, a short film directed by independent filmmaker Jim Sikora and featuring Jesus Lizard front-man David Yow in a bit role.[2] The band's name was changed to DK3 with the release of their third album Neutrons, which included Ken Vandermark on reeds. The members parted ways in 1999 to pursue other interests, with Denison touring for Hank Williams III and forming Tomahawk in 2000.[3][4]



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