The Derby Stallion

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This article is about the 2005 film. For the horse-racing and business-simulation video game series, see Derby Stallion (series).
The Derby Stallion
The Derby Stallion Poster.jpg
Directed by Craig Clyde
Produced by Tonja Walker
Kevin Summerfield
Written by Kimberly Gough
Starring Zac Efron
Bill Cobbs
William R. Moses
Tonja Walker
Rob Pinkston
Crystal Hunt
Michael Nardelli
Colton James
Music by Billy Preston
Cinematography John Gunselman
Tonja Walker Productions
Distributed by Echo Bridge Entertainment
Release dates June 30, 2005
Running time 98 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Derby Stallion is a 2005 film starring Zac Efron.


Patrick Mcardle is a fifteen-year-old who is forced to play baseball by his former baseball player dad. Patrick doesn't know what to do with his life. When he skips ball practice one day, he visits his friend Houston Jones, a former steeplechase champion. Houston dazzles Patrick by telling him stories of when he was Patrick's age and in love with a white rich girl named Julie, who taught him to ride.

Patrick, at a game, sees his teammate Chuck's older sister Jill, and gets knocked out by the pitch. Patrick's father asks him about his fall, and Patrick confronts him about pushing him in baseball. Patrick visits Houston after the game and Houston tells him more stories. This time about Julie's death when she told Houston she was going to marry him. Patrick feels sorry and asks Houston to train him in steeplechase. When Houston agrees, Patrick's parents are appalled when he asked them for permission. His mother thinks it is too dangerous, while his father is concerned about Patrick taking riding lessons from a drunk black man. When they agree, Houston buys Patrick a horse named Rusty, and tells Patrick to take care of him till he says stop.

Patrick meets again with Chuck and Jill and asks them to join him at Houston's barbecue, he also invites his parents. There, his parents begin to trust Houston more. Patrick starts to learn how to ride Rusty as Jill tends to Houston's garden. One day, the rich town bully and steeplechase champion, Randy, destroys Houston's vegetable/fruit stand; Houston warns him to stop. Houston then starts to collapse while Randy leaves and Patrick arrives. Jill calls 911, and Houston refuses to go to the hospital. The next day, Houston dies on his couch, leaving Patrick devastated. Patrick drops out of the steeplechase race and stops taking care of Rusty.

Jill finds a package addressed to Patrick in Houston's closet as well as pictures of Patrick as a boy, while walking around his home. She gives the package to Patrick and he finds Houston's old uniform and a carved horse, along with a letter. Patrick decides to enter the race and gets there just in time. Jill kisses Patrick before he leaves and sets up. Patrick, along with strong Rusty and Houston's voice in his head, does well in the race and wins. In the end, Patrick lays his trophy on Houston's grave, along with Houston's hat and harmonica.


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