The Desperate Man

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The Desperate Man
Directed by Peter Maxwell
Produced by Jack Greenwood
Written by James Eastwood
Music by James Stevens
Cinematography Gerald Moss
Distributed by Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors
Release dates December 1959
Running time 57 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

This article is about the British film. For the episode of NCIS, see A Desperate Man. For the painting, see Gustave Courbet.

The Desperate Man is a 1959 British crime film directed by Peter Maxwell and starring Conrad Phillips, Jill Ireland, William Hartnell, Charles Gray and Peter Swanwick.[1] its plot involves a writer who investigates a murder in the tower of a castle. It is adapted from the novel Beginner's Luck by Paul Somers, the writer better-known as Andrew Garve.[2]



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