The Devil's Fire

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The Devil's Fire
Author Matt Tomerlin
Country United States
Language English
Genre Historical fiction
Publisher Self Published
Publication date
July 2011
Pages 300
ISBN 978-0-615-52487-0

The Devil's Fire is a 2011 historical fiction novel written by American author Matt Tomerlin, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle. It is Tomerlin's debut novel, and the first in the Devil's Fire series.

Plot summary[edit]

The book centers around Katherine Lindsay, a timid woman from London who is traveling across the Atlantic with her husband, Thomas. In the opening chapter, the Lindsays are set upon by pirates, and Thomas is killed by the notorious Captain Griffith. Griffith takes Katherine hostage, against the will of his devious quartermaster, Edward Livingston. Katherine spends a year aboard Griffith's ship, Harbinger, and struggles to maintain her innocence.

Historical accuracy[edit]

While the events in The Devil's Fire are purely fictional, historical figures and events are referenced throughout the novel. Pirate turned pirate-hunter Benjamin Hornigold is featured in the final chapter. There are several ominous references to Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard. Protagonist Katherine "Kate" Lindsay seems to be primarily influenced by Anne Bonny, who had 'fiery' red hair and lived a fascinating life as a pirate, often instigating her fellow pirates into action.


The book has received generally positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, praising Tomerlin's writing ability and his deep characterizations, particularly the evolution of Katherine Lindsay. However, several reviews criticize the extreme violence and dark nature of the story.


Tomerlin has released a sequel titled The Devil's Tide, which sees the return of Katherine Lindsay, and the introduction of a new protagonist named Jacqueline Calloway. Calloway is a fifteen-year-old prostitute who embarks on a voyage with the fictional Captain Guy Dillahunt in tracking down Lindsay and her new partner, Benjamin Hornigold. Charles Vane figures prominently into the plot, and one chapter is told from his perspective. Nathan Adams and his love interest from the first book, a mysterious strumpet named Annabelle, both return.

A third and final novel, titled The Devil's Horizon has been announced on Matt Tomerlin's blog.

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