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Production; THE DEVILS HARVEST 2014 an epic feature film plans to be premiered and released 2014-15 at various world acclaimed film Festivals .

The films original screenplay was created and written by Canadian Ukrainian Mr.Richard Bachynsky Hoover, also a film actor with credits on IMDB.

On October 16, 2013 Aneurin Barnard joined the cast of the film, he'll play Mykola, a young man growing up in rural Ukraine who finds his life changed forever with Max Irons as lead role Yuri and Barry Pepper as Yaroslav his father and Terence Stamp the elder Cossack grandfather Ivan and Samantha Barks as the lovely wife of Yuri named Natalka .

The story is depicted and set amongst a Ukrainian Holodny Yar (Cold Ravine )Cossack family in Smila Ukraine ,one of the warrior clan outpost towns ,period 1918 to 1930 .

The original story creator and screenplay writer of The Devils Harvest, Richard Bachyynsky Hoover is now living in Ukraine and happens to be a Canadian Ukrainian actor,and now a overnight executive producer .Richard was also an activist and fought sholder to shoulder in Kiev Ukraines Maidan Revolution against ex-president Victor Yaukovichs corrupt Police and Berkut forces  witnessing many dying in front of his eyes being shot like ducks in a pond as he also threw rocks and banged shileds against the police  on the front barracades and in the massive tire fires to protect himself and his sons future and his friends  there for freedom and democracy against dictatorship that was responsible for 100 and more deaths and nearly the same or more still missing in kidnappings by scores of police and titushki thugs .The protesters who are  perumed dead to this day during the whole winter of 2013 -14 still hese horrible unsolved crimes lurk in the midst.

During the writing process Ricard rewrote some scenes,being dialog changes mostly keeping the tight plots he created earlier but did rewrites later in the 2013 shooting script phases with the director George Mendeluk from L.A whom Richard and his partner Ian who is also an Executive Producer ,decided together to bring his directorial talents on board.

Richard and a lovely talented new comer to the screen Olena Chernova whom also acts in the film ,and was Richards faithful friend for many years ,together they set out and scouted the locations travelling around over several months near Kiev and surrounding areas and countryside for accurate locations to match the Holodny Yar and Smila atmospheres depicted in Richards historically researched and artisticlly written story based around Ukraines Holodomor genocide.

Richard also an actor 25 years having acted with George Mendeluks film as Mikey the gangster in Men of Means starring Micheal Pare 14 years ealier in Toronto remembered that this film director George (Yuri) in Ukainian ironically the lead role "Yuri"played by Max Irons ( the great icon actor Jerimys son) was also of Ukrainian roots and as a director and Ukrainian might respect the material written,,the rest is history ,,they connected on the directors website that same night in a cafe from Kiev to California ,,they moved full steam ahead and George was thrilled when he read Richards script having respect for the Holodomor in which he recalls his family as a child telling stories of that horrific diabolical and heinous crime in then Soviet controlled Ukraine .

Richard Bachynsky Hoover actually lived in a small soviet looking city named Smila (meaning in Ukrainian "Brave")and lived in Kiev mostly 8 years mostly and returned to Canada with his son when he was a year and a half old along with his mother Alona Nyanchenko in between small visits in Toronto and Kingston Ontario which is Richards birthplace while returning to Ukraine with his son and mother Alona Nyanchenko raising their also creatively talented son Genya now 6 years old and the history there in the air just became his fathers main writing inspiration to tell the story of Ukraine forced famine genocide that wiped out starved to death 5 to 10 million in the process over a few years in mostly winters  known as the "Holodomor 1930-33  ". Smila suffered and lost scores of Ukrainians ,some Russians and Jews on a smller scale like most thousands of red army barracaded towns and cities across Ukraine suffering the same fate.

Smila is 30 km,in the main city Cherkasy oblast (province) ),The cossack family in the story are all persecuted and torn to decide to submit to Communism or freedom towards an independent Ukraine once and for all,,,until invaded again on a mammoth scale and forced to collectivize their farmstead by Stalins Red Army.[1] Richard says hes so greatful for the support and belief in his film script shot on location in Kiev ( Kyiv Ukraine and outskirts )after many years of no walkers and only talkers and many dissapointments at every turn ,,but Richards love for Ukraine and tenacity carrying the script as if it were his child under his arm rewriting in old soviet cafes in Lviv ,Kyiv.Zaporizhia, to Crimea resting spots back in Toronto and Kingston Ontario as well on several trains and bumpy buses across Ukraines rough country roads that seemed soft at times amongst the stunning beautiful sunflower canopy of the fatherland which is also Richards father roots , his fathers name inspired him in his memory for Barry Peppers role as the same name Yaroslav the warrior Cossack reminding of his own his own rough and tumble proud father- aka WILLY TO THE LOCALS in Kingston Ontario who is of UKRAINIAN roots as well from West Ukraine city Ternopil region,,whos parents immigrated with the first wave of Ukrainian diaspora to Manitoba Canada,another hardship in Ukrainians history.

But finally to make the movie all come to fruition and actually happen was finally realized and respected years later by moral and artistic respect and support and backing by a great patriotic Ukrainian Canadian bussinessman Mr,Ian Ihnatowicz acting as Executive Producer as well along side Richard Bachynsky Hoover Executive Producer screenwriter in Ukraine.

Its a ground breaking feature film project being the FIRST EVER film in the world to depict the Holodomor in English language finally!!!! Shot on the real deal locations of Ukraines lost millions ,,its precious black anscestral soil. Finally 80 yeras later a story that deserves to be told like any other genocide the world must know about on film and will know soon in a feature film that he hopes will have global impact on the masses and educate and entertain at the same time the history that the world turned a blind eye on well as Stalins propaganda machine that cobered it up all those years,until 1986 a documentary was finally leaking its truth out on Canadas CBC television called Harvest of Dispair.


In the mid-October the filming was started in Ukraine.[1] On November 15, 2013 the shooting was underway in Ukraine and final day the revolution started,,which had many crew and talent worried at the border and while in Kiev on the production .THANK GODS SPEED IT ARRIVED AND CREW AND TALENT IN SAFE AND CARING HANDS .

[2] On February 5, 2014 Variety told that the shooting of the epic romantic film has just wrapped in Kiev, Ukraine.[3]


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