The Diarist

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The Diarist
Studio album by Dark Lunacy
Released 2006
Genre Melodic death metal
Label Fuel Records
Dark Lunacy chronology
Forget Me Not
The Diarist
Weaver of Forgotten

The Diarist is the third official album released by Italian melodic death metal band Dark Lunacy.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Aurora" - 4:43
  2. "Play Dead" - 5:46
  3. "Pulkovo Meridian" - 6:03
  4. "The Diarist" - 2:52
  5. "Snowdrifts" - 5:08
  6. "Now is Forever" - 5:33
  7. "On Memory's White Sleigh" - 7:02
  8. "Heart of Leningrad" - 5:51
  9. "Prospekt" - 2:30
  10. "Motherland" - 6:01
  11. "The Farewell Song" - 6:37


The Diarist is a concept album dealing with the Siege of Leningrad, an event in World War II during which the city of Leningrad (St Petersburg) was blockaded from 1941 to 1944. The record uses the perspective of a woman who writes on her diary a day-by-day account of life in the bombed, isolated city whose inhabitants die of cold and starve, and the Red Army soldiers, carry on a desperate resistance against the German enemy: it is to say that, actually, there is no political theme in The Diarist. The focus is on suffering, fear, hope and desperation:

Between myself and death there is my Leningrad ... Beat my heart, I know you're tired, make me feel we're still alive (Heart Of Leningrad)