The Dirtwater Dynasty

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The Dirtwater Dynasty
Directed by Michael Jenkins
John Power
Written by Tony Morphett
Michael Jenkins
John Power
Terry Hayes
John Duigan
Alan Seymour
John Misto
Starring Hugo Weaving
Victoria Longley
Steve Jacobs
Production company Kennedy Miller
Country Australia
Language English
Original channel Network Ten
Original airing 10 April 1988
No. of episodes 5

The Dirtwater Dynasty is a five-part Australian drama miniseries, first screened on Network Ten in 1988. The Dirtwater Dynasty was directed by Michael Jenkins and John Power. [1]

The Dirtwater Dynasty is the story of embittered rivalry, triumph and despair, spanning three generations and eight decades. Born in the London slums in 1878, Richard Eastwick comes to Australia at age 20, with nothing but a handful of courage and a dream. He acquires land, marries and raises a family, makes loyal friends and bitter enemies. Two world wars and the economic depression take their toll on his family and his land and cattle ranching empire but his dream to create a dynasty gives him a reason to continue.


  • Scott Burgess as Guy Westaway
  • Damien Connor as Stockman
  • Daryl Dicks as Hughie, Stockman
  • Ernie Dingo as Billy (Senior)
  • Peter Fisher
  • Harold Hopkins as Rev. McBride
  • Steve Jacobs as Josh McCall
  • Anne-Louise Lambert as Emma Tarbox
  • Serge Lazareff
  • Jenny Lee as Mrs. McBride
  • John Livingstone as Stockman
  • Victoria Longley as Kate Eastwick (née McBride), Nancy Westaway (née Eastwick), Sarah Westaway
  • Kristen Mann as Stockman
  • Robert Menzies as Richie
  • Dennis Miller as Hasky Tarbox
  • Judy Morris as Frances Eastwick
  • Kristina Nehm as Esmerelda
  • Peter Phelps as David Eastwick
  • Gary Sargeant as Juggler
  • Sean Scully
  • Bruce Spence as Lonely Logan
  • Hayden Topperwien as Young Richard Eastwick
  • Hugo Weaving as Richard Eastwick
  • Iain Williams as Stockman #2
  • Arna-Maria Winchester as Mrs. Tarbox


The miniseries rated well earning 33 points.[2]

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