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The Dispatch
The Dispatch logo.jpg
The February 28, 2012 front page of The Dispatch
Owner(s) New Media Investment Group
Founded 1902 (1902)

The Dispatch is an American daily newspaper published in Lexington, North Carolina.[1] The newspaper is published Tuesday through Saturday with no Sunday or Monday editions.[2][3] Billing itself as "Davidson County's News Source", The Dispatch began publication in 1902.[4] The paper is a successor to a weekly newspaper known as The Davidson Dispatch, founded by T.B. Eldridge, which was published from May 5, 1882, though 1902.[4][5] The paper increased to semi-weekly publication in 1919 and to a six-day-a-week schedule on September 6, 1948.[6][7] Then on September 1, 2008 the publication eliminated its Monday edition and was published only five days.[2]

The Dispatch was acquired by the New York Times Company in 1973,[7] and the Halifax Media Group.[1] acquired it on January 6, 2012.[8] In 2015, Halifax was acquired by New Media Investment Group.[9] The current estimated circulation figure for The Dispatch is 12,000 copies per day.[3]


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