The Dramas

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The Dramas
Origin Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2006 – present
Members Michelle Albano
Dan Zweben

The Dramas are an American indie rock band. They originated in Manhattan, New York.

Overview of band[edit]

The band is made up of NYC singer/songwriter Michelle Albano and LA transplant Dan Zweben, who came together in the beginning of 2007 to form the pop/rock harmony-driven duo known as The Dramas. The Dramas made their debut with a performance at the 57th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase in NYC in March, 2006.

Their song, "SomethinMore" was featured as the closing song on Episode 8 of ABC's TV show Men In Trees.

The Dramas released their first EP, "The Actual Truth" in May 2006.

Previously, Albano released a solo record called Second Guesses. Zweben had his music played on Season 4 of the TV series Smallville.


  • The Actual Truth (2006)

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