The Early Years (Rebecca St. James album)

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The Early Years
Compilation album by Rebecca St. James
Released August 15, 2006
Genre Gospel, CCM
Label ForeFront Records
Producer Tedd Tjornhom, Bill Deaton
Rebecca St. James chronology
America – The EP
The Early Years
aLIVE in Florida
Singles from God that were tracks in this album
  1. "God"
    Released: 1996
  2. "Go and Sin No More"
    Released: 1997
Singles from Pray that were tracks in this album
  1. "Pray"
    Released: 1998

The Early Years is an album by Rebecca St. James, released on August 15, 2006. It features some of St. James' early songs.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Here I Am" (from Rebecca St. James, 1994)
  2. "Little Bit of Love" (from Rebecca St. James, 1994)
  3. "Side by Side" (from Rebecca St. James, 1994)
  4. "Above All Things" (from Rebecca St. James, 1994)
  5. "God" (from God, 1996)
  6. "You Then Me" (from God, 1996)
  7. "Go and Sin No More" (from God, 1996)
  8. "Pray" (from Pray, 1998)
  9. "Hold Me Jesus" (from Pray, 1998)
  10. "Love to Love You" (from Pray, 1998)


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