The East Is Red

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The East Is Red may refer to:

  • The East Is Red (song), is a song that was the de facto anthem of the People's Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s
  • The East Is Red (1965 film), a "song and dance epic" directed by Ping Wang
  • The East Is Red (1993 film), a 1993 Wuxia film
  • The East Is Red: The Sino Soviet War (1974), a game published by SPI (Simulations Publications, Inc.) handling a USSR-PRC conflict in Manchuria and North China during the 1970s.

Dongfanghong may refer to:

  • Dongfanghong (literally "The East Is Red") is also the name of a series of Chinese satellites. China's first satellite, Dong Fang Hong 1, included a transmitter broadcasting this song.
  • Dongfanghong Township, Dongshan District, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, China