The Easter Island Statues

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The Easter Island Statues
The Easter Island Statues live in 2009
Background information
Origin Leeds, UK
Genres Beat Music
Power Pop
Indie Rock
Years active 2005-present
Labels Rerecord Records
Members Don Campbell
James Askwith
Past members Alex Craggs
Tomasz Sawicki
Phil Haines

The Easter Island Statues are an English beat band from Leeds, UK who formed in 2005.


The band was formed by singer/guitarist Don Campbell and bassist James Askwith in Leeds in 2005. The band then went through a succession of drummers, the longest-lasting being Alex Craggs, who formally joined the band in 2007. They eventually went on to become the first band to release material through UK indie label Rerecord Records with their Neanderthal record.

The band had since made it a custom to release their EPs through Rerecord Records on the Easter Day of each year.


Circa the Neanderthal EP, the band's sound was described by the press as "garage pop that still has a firm grasp of the pop reins".[2] The Easter Island Statues moved south from Leeds to Oxford in 2010.

Musical style[edit]

Songs are written by Campbell, with Askwith and Craggs making their musical contributions to the arrangements. Songs by The Easter Island Statues are mostly about feelings, the weather and feelings about the weather, but also occasionally deal with other concerns such as funeral pyres. There are also recurring themes regarding the ocean, specifically the Pacific Ocean, in songs such as "30 Feet", "International Flight" and "90 Degrees".

The Easter Island Statues have been noted for their simple and primitive use of language. Campbell's songs lyrics typically feature wordplay, alliteration and obscure references. An interest in outer space also appears to have influenced some songs.

Some of the band's influences include The Beatles, Buddy Holly, The Lucksmiths, Neutral Milk Hotel, PF Sloan, Nirvana, Devo, The Beach Boys, Evan Dando, Charles Manson, The Zombies and Blur.




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