The Enemy's Cosmetique

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The Enemy's Cosmetique
Cosmétique de l'ennemi cover.jpg
Author Amélie Nothomb
Original title Cosmétique de l'ennemi
Country Belgium
Language French
Genre Novel

The Enemy's Cosmetique (French: Cosmétique de l'ennemi) is the tenth novel written by Belgian female author Amélie Nothomb. It was also the tenth book published by Albin Michel. It was first published in 2001.


"Without wanting to, I have committed the perfect crime: nobody saw me coming, except for the victim. The proof, I am still free." The whole story takes place at an airport's hall: Jérôme Angust, a man on a business trip, waits for a delayed flight. He meets another "cosmetic" man, Textor Texel, who becomes his executioner and keeps harassing him till the end, in a dialogue worthy of Hygiène de l'assassin.

Adaptation for theatre[edit]

This novel has been adapted for theatre in a creation and co-production of both fr:Théâtre Le Public in Brussels and fr:Théâtre de l’Ancre in Charleroiin 2005.


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