The English Illustrated Magazine

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The English Illustrated Magazine
English Illustrated.jpg
Front cover for #28 (January 1886)
Frequency Monthly
First issue October 1883
Final issue
— Number
August 1913
Company Macmillan (1883-92)
Edward Arnold(1892-92)
Illustrated London News (1893 - 1898)
William Ingram (1898-1901)
T. Fisher Unwin(1901-1903)
Hutchinson's (1903-05)
Central Publishing (1905-13)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The English Illustrated Magazine was a monthly publication that ran for 359 issues between October 1883 and August 1913. Features included travel, topography, and a large amount of fiction and were contributed by writers such as Thomas Hardy, Henry James, Stanley J. Weyman and Max Pemberton. Illustrators included Walter Crane, Carlo Perugini, Alma Tadema, Louis Davis and Louis Wain.[1] When it began publication, it was the only illustrated competitor to Cassell's Magazine.[2]



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