The Eric Burdon European Tour 2009

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The European Tour 2009 is a tour by Eric Burdon billed as "Eric Burdon & The (New) Animals". It started on 26 June in Switzerland and will end there on 7 August. Before this tour he performed in Canada and the United States.

Band Line-Up[edit]

Tour dates[edit]

Number Date City Country Venue
First Leg
1 26 June 2009 Jona, Rapperswil Switzerland Blues'n'Jazz Festival
2 27 June 2009 Calw Germany Open Air, Calw rockt!
3 28 June 2009 Saarbrücken Germany Garage
4 1 July 2009 Augsburg Germany Spectrum
5 3 July 2009 St. Viet/Glan Austria Herzogburg
6 4 July 2009 Unterempfenbach, Mainburg Germany Festival Holledeau
7 8 July 2009 Munich Germany Musik Arena
8 10 July 2009 Wiesen Austria Lovely Days Festival
9 11 July 2009 Clam Austria Clam Classic Rock Festival
10 12 July 2009 Varaždin Croatia Gradski Stadion
11 13 July 2009 Aschaffenburg Germany Colos-Saal
12 15 July 2009 Dortmund Germany Strobels
13 16 July 2009 Hamburg Germany Fabrik
14 17 July 2009 Eich Germany Altrheinhalle
15 18 July 2009 Breitenbach[disambiguation needed] Germany Burg Herzberg
16 21 July 2009 Genova Italy Arena del Mare
17 23 July 2009 Casalmaggiore Italy Rock Blues Festival
18 24 July 2009 Narcao Italy Narcao Blues
19 25 July 2009 Sogliano al Rubicone Italy Piazza Matteotti
20 26 July 2009 Maryport United Kingdom Maryport Blues Festival
21 28 July 2009 Corfu, Kerkyra Greece The Old Fortress
22 31 July 2009 Amsterdam Netherlands Paradiso
23 1 August 2009 Edinburgh United Kingdom The Queens Hall
24 4 August 2009 Forchheim Germany Open Air
25 6 August 2009 Pfullendorf Germany Seepark Linzgau
26 7 August 2009 Lichtensteig Switzerland Jazzstage Open Air


  • During the whole tour no pictures, bootlegs or other form of recording were allowed, though many videos were posted on and many pictures were posted on the worldwide net.
  • Most of the concerts were critically acclaimed, though the locations were too hot and the gigs too short.
  • His single gigs in Lorca, Spain (31 July) and Holstebro, Denmark (August) were cancelled.
  • When Taj Mahal cancelled his show for the Maryport Blues Festival on 26 July, Burdon was a last minute step-in and headlined the festival. He did not perform in that region for the last seven years.
  • During the tour some "new" songs were added including "Devil Slide" and "Forty-Four". * Georgia Dagaki sometimes left the stage during heavier rock songs to join the stage again later.
  • During July they began to perform a song which is featured on Dagaki's new album "Secret Love". The song is called "Panselynos - Full Moon" and was going into "Paint it Black".
  • Regularly they began with the song "When I Was Young". At the end of the song, Burdon referenced artists such as James Brown, The Beatles, Otis Redding and also Michael Jackson amongst others.
  • At one gig a fan wanted him to play "Roadhouse Blues". Burdon said he did not want to play that song, because it made him think of Jim Morrison and that makes him sick.