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Lupe Fuentes
Lupe Fuentes 2010.jpg
Lupe Fuentes 2010
Born (1987-01-27) January 27, 1987 (age 27)[1]
Cali, Colombia
Other names Zuleidy, Zuleidy Lapiedra[1]
Ethnicity Spanish, Colombian[1]
Height 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)[1]
Weight 88 lb (40 kg; 6.3 st)[1]
No. of adult films 18 (per IAFD)[1]

Lupe Fuentes is a Colombian house music producer and DJ. She lives in Los Angeles, California.[2][3][4] Since 2011, Fuentes has been married to singer and actor, Evan Seinfeld.[5] She is a former adult-film actress.[2][6]

Early life[edit]

Lupe Feuntes was born in Colombia and grew up in Madrid, Spain.[2][3][7][8]

Music career[edit]

Fuentes began her music career in 2010.[9] Her music is influenced by her Latin roots and the House music she heard in the streets and the nightclubs in Spain.[2][9] In 2012, Fuentes became the lead singer of The Ex-Girlfriends, a pop group.[10][11] They released two singles: "We Are The Party" released on November 6, 2012[12] and "Whatchya Looking At?" released on 18 March 2013.[13][14]

DJ and producer[edit]

Fuentes played her opening gig at Exchange LA in February 2014.[9] She headlined Drai's Afterhours in Las Vegas, Nevada the following month.[9][15] In spring 2014, Fuentes released So High, her first single, on Brobot Records.[7][8][15] Her second single, Don’t Hold Back was released on Undercool Productions.[7] She is mentored by Roger Sanchez, a Grammy award winning DJ and music producer, Junior Sanchez, a record producer and founder of Brobot Records, and DJ Todd Terry.[3][15][16] She has also released tracks on Defined Music, Nervous and Inhouse.[16] In June 2014, Fuentes opened for Oscar G at Pacha NYC.[17] Her DJ setup is Pioneer 3x CDJ 2000 Nexus, Pioneer a DJM 900 Nexus and her USB uses Rekordbox.[18] For production, Fuentes uses Pro Tools in her home studio.[18]

Fuentes 2014 promo photo




  • 2006: FICEB Award in the Category Best New Spanish Actress – Posesió[21]
  • 2009: Hot d'Or in the Category: Best European Actress – 100% Zuleidy[22]
  • 2010: AVN Award in the Category: Best New Web Starlet[23]
  • 2010: NightMoves nomination for the Best New Starlet[24]
  • 2011: XBIZ nomination for Female Performer of the Year[25]
  • 2011: XRCO Cream Dream award nomination[26]

Court appearance[edit]

In 2009, federal agents arrested a man in Puerto Rico on suspicion of possessing child pornography in a DVD that included Lupe Fuentes.[27] At trial a pediatrician testified that Lupe had to be underage because of her appearance. Lawyers for the defense subpoenaed Fuentes to show her passport in court and prove that she was 19 years old at the time of filming. The man was cleared of all charges.[28][29]


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