The Extra

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The Extra
Directed by Kevin Carlin
Written by Kevin Carlin
Tony McDonald
Dan Rosen
Starring Jimeoin
Katherine Slattery
Rhys Muldoon
Bob Franklin
Colin Lane
Shaun Micallef
Release dates
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time 96 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

The Extra is a 2005 Australian film starring Irish comedian Jimeoin.


Jimeoin, in the title role, plays a man obsessed with becoming famous. He is passionate about being a celebrity, but unfortunately he just isn't very talented. After trying to secure roles in myriad productions he finally finds employment as an extra, and what follows is his misadventures as he becomes involved with shady business men, producers and mobsters, all of whom are fixated with show business.


Jimeoin was interested in writing the film because he wanted to explore the nature of fame.[1]


While this film was considered a box office flop in Australia, in 2007 it became the first Australian film to receive a general release in the People's Republic of China since Crocodile Dundee.[2]

Box Office[edit]

The Extra grossed $749,113 at the box office in Australia.[3]

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