The Eye 10

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The Eye 10
Hp theeyeten.jpg
Theatrical poster
Traditional 見鬼10
Simplified 见鬼10
Mandarin Jiàn Guǐ 10
Cantonese Gin Gwai 10
Directed by Pang brothers
Produced by Peter Chan
Lawrence Cheng
Eric Tsang
Jojo Hui
Written by Pang brothers
Mark Wu
Starring Bolin Chen
Kris Gu
Bongkoj Khongmalai
Isabella Leong
Ray MacDonald
Kate Yeung
Music by Payont Term Sit
Cinematography Decha Srimantra
Chan Chi-ying
Edited by Curran Pang
Applause Pictures
Distributed by MediaCorp Raintree Pictures
Release dates
  • 25 March 2005 (2005-03-25)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

The Eye 10, also known as The Eye Infinity, also released as The Eye 3, is a 2005 horror film directed by the Pang brothers, starring Bolin Chen, Kate Yeung, Isabella Leong, Bongkoj Khongmalai, Ray MacDonald and Kris Gu. The number "10" in the title is not an indicator of chronology in The Eye film series. The film is actually the third of a film trilogy by the Pang brothers.


The movie begins in a temple when a group of priests conform a circle trying to revive an already dead girl. The girl becomes possessed and opens her mouth revealing her abnormally long tongue. The priests continued their mumbling and the girl became more possessed. On the other hand a man named Chong-kwai welcomes his friends Ted, May, Kofei and April from Hong Kong to Thailand. While on a tour, they see an accident on the road and start telling ghost stories when they return to Chong-kwai's house. Chong-kwai shows them a book titled The Ten Encounters, that describes ten ways to see ghosts and spirits. Chong-kwai tells his friends how he had purchased the book from a strange man, who claimed that the price of 500 baht was a "discount". The man also told Chong-kwai that karma had led him to the book, and warned him never to look at the last page, but when Chong-kwai later did so, accidentally, he discovered that he had been scammed – the book had in fact been marked down to just 50 baht.

They can begin the "game" on any of the ten methods, but must complete it or else they will be haunted forever. Out of curiosity, the five of them start playing. They start with the spirit glass game but only Kofei sees the ghost. Chong-kwai's mother, a spiritualist, appears and warns them about meddling with the supernatural. The next step involves them going to a road intersection at night to attract hungry ghosts. All except May are able to see the spirits, and the frustrated May insists that they continue the game even though they are already freaked out. They go to a forest to play hide and seek with a black cat, that will supposedly break the charm and allow them to see the missing person. However, Kofei had disappeared mysteriously and the cat is found dead. In anguish, April tries rubbing dirt from a grave onto her eyes, but they fall out from the sockets and turn fiery-red. She sinks into unconsciousness and Chong-kwai's mother saves her by cleaning her eyes, warning her that she was very close to the purgatory world. Chong-kwai's mother tells them to leave Thailand immediately but April stays behind because she wants to find Kofei (her boyfriend). One night, April tries one of the methods and brushes her hair in front of a mirror at night. Her fate is uncertain.

Meanwhile, back in Hong Kong, Ted and May continue to experience weird encounters. One rainy day, May sees an umbrella held by an invisible being while in the subway and she runs away. On the bus, her umbrella suddenly opens and she sees a basketball rolling back and forth. She steps over it and it turns into a human head that starts biting her ankle. She screams in horror but her fellow passengers tell her that it is only a ball. While she is back at her apartment corridor, she sees the ball again and it starts to follow her. She performs a "peek-a-stoop" and sees a boy with a rotting face dribbling the ball. She dashes into her apartment in fear and calls Ted to come. While waiting for him, she receives a call about April's disappearance. Ted encounters many spirits on the way to May's apartment and he kicks the ball in the corridor and is possessed by the ghost. He jerks and twists his body and appears to be breakdancing. A pair of gangsters see Ted and think he is challenging them to a breakdance battle. Ted starts to walk on the wall and stand on the ceiling, while the horrified dancers and observers flee. Ted recovers and grabs a girl in the hallway, telling her to follow him into May's apartment, but she is nowhere to be seen later. After watching a video recording, they realise that the girl is actually the victim of the accident they saw in Thailand and her spirit disappears after Ted performs a "peek-a-stoop" to see her.

Back in Thailand, Chong-kwai visits the bookstore to get answers from the man who sold him the cursed book. He sees that the drawings of characters in the book have been replaced by images of himself and his friends. His mother pulls him away before he can find out anything. At the same time, Ted and May return to Thailand to complete the game, hoping that the curse will be broken after doing so. They perform the last step, which is to sleep while dressed in traditional garments for the deceased. Before that, Chong-kwai tells them that they have a limited time in the purgatory and must go towards a light when they hear a bell ring. In the ghost world, Ted and May encounter several ghosts and find Kofei who was behind a ghost boy. After being surrounded by ghosts April appears and helps them escape. All three ask April how she came to the ghost world and she tells them what happened. While doing the hair brush at midnight method she thought Kofei was dead so she commits suicide by slicing her wrist, then shows them the wound on her hand, showing them that she is now dead. Kofei decides to stay with April in the Ghost world and tell Ted and May to escape. Ted and May attempt to escape towards the light, apparently succeeding; they have went towards the wrong light. The light that they went towards was for spirits wanting to arrive at the human world as spirits. When they wake up, their bodies were gone but they didn't know they were dead. They find out later that they have become spirits. Chong-kwai and his mother attempt to revive Ted and May but fail. Before the film ends, the sinister bookstore owner is seen selling another copy of the cursed book to an interested teenager.


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