The Fabulous Wonder Twins

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The Fabulous Wonder Twins
Born Louis Alberto Campos
Carlos Eduardo Campos

San Salvador, El Salvador
Occupation Entertainment personalities, actors, models, performance artists, club kid stars

The Fabulous Wonder Twins (Louis Alberto Campos and Carlos Eduardo Campos, (born in San Salvador) are a pair of fraternal twin brothers who have been featured in MTV music videos, made cameos on film and television motion pictures and have appeared on several talk shows, from The Jerry Springer Show to The Geraldo Rivera Show. The Twins have also participated in several fashion shows, performance art pieces, gay pride parades, and club appearances from Los Angeles to New York City and across the Atlantic, some of these have been fundraisers for AIDS charities and organizations. In addition, the Twins have been photographed for various gay-oriented and fashion-related American and European magazines. The Los Angeles Times printed a full two-page Life & Style article, its front page titled "2 Wild and Crazy Guys".[1]

Due to their extensive representation of the LGBT community in the media, their collaborations for the same and overall achievements as drag performer, The Twins were recently inducted into the Drag Queen Hall of Fame.[2] According to Michelle Lolli, style editor and club columnist for Urb Magazine, "To be a truly successful club kid, one has to have talent and creativity behind the wild facade. Everyone from here to New York says how wonderful The Wonder Twins are!"[3]






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