The Face of the Enemy (Doctor Who)

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Doctor Who book
Book cover
The Face of the Enemy
Series Past Doctor Adventures
Release number 7
Featuring The Master,
UNIT, the Brigadier, Ian, Barbara, Harry
Writer David A. McIntee
Publisher BBC Books
ISBN ISBN 0-563-40580-5
Set between Day of the Daleks and The Sea Devils (concurrent with The Curse of Peladon)[1][2]
Number of pages 281
Release date January 5, 1998

The Face of the Enemy is a BBC Books original novel written by David A. McIntee and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.


The Doctor and Jo have gone off in the TARDIS, leaving the Brigadier and UNIT facing a deadly mystery — and a moral dilemma... Robbery and murder are on the increase in Britain as disputes between underworld gangs escalate into open warfare on the streets. The Master seems inextricably linked to the chaos - despite the fact he is safely under lock and key.

Meanwhile UNIT is called in when a plane missing in strange circumstances is rediscovered - contaminated with radiation and particle damage that cannot possibly have occurred on Earth.

As the mystery deepens, what little light they can shed on the matter leads the Brigadier to believe that with the Doctor away, Earth's only hope may lie with its greatest enemy...


The Doctor has taught the Brigadier how to disable a Time Lord, just in case someone needs to stop the Master again.

When in the parallel universe, the Master takes action against the Republic of Great Britain because of how they treated his parallel self.

This novel is a sequel to the Third Doctor serial Inferno. Contrary to the Third Doctor's assumptions, the alternate Earth depicted therein did not disintegrate after his departure, but many previously human survivors have been mutated into subsentient Primords by the outgassing of their world's mantle.

The novel not only features the Brigadier, UNIT, and the Master, all contemporaneous to the era of the programme in which the story is set, but it also includes appearances by Ian and Barbara after they left the TARDIS (with an update on their activities since leaving the Doctor in The Chase), and Harry before he joined UNIT or met the Doctor.

It is notable for being the only Past Doctor Adventure which does not greatly involve the Doctor in any incarnation, although the Third Doctor and Jo Grant have brief, cameo appearances since the majority of this story takes place whilst the Doctor and Jo are on Peladon.

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