The Falcon Strikes Back

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The Falcon Strikes Back
The Falcon Strikes Back FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Edward Dmytryk
Produced by Maurice Geraghty
Written by Stuart Palmer
Screenplay by Edward Dein
Gerald Geraghty
Starring Tom Conway
Music by Roy Webb
Cinematography Jack MacKenzie
Edited by George Crone
Distributed by RKO Pictures
Release dates
  • April 1, 1943 (1943-04-01) ( Premiere-New York City)
  • May 7, 1943 (1943-05-07) (U.S.)[1]
Running time 66 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Falcon Strikes Back is a 1943 American crime film directed by Edward Dmytryk.[2] It is the sixth film in the Falcon series and features Cliff Edwards filling in for Allen Jenkins as Goldie Locke.


Framed for the theft of valuable war bonds, Tom Lawrence (Tom Conway) hides out at a country resort. Here he discovers that Mia Bruger (Rita Corday), who engineered the frame, has been murdered by persons unknown. Snooping around a bit, Lawrence uncovers an insidious and widespread war-bond racket.[3]



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