The Fan (1981 film)

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The Fan
Promotional movie poster for The Fan
Directed by Edward Bianchi
Produced by Kevin McCormick (Executive Producer)[1]
Written by Bob Randall (novel)
Priscilla Chapman
John Hartwell (screenplay)
Starring Lauren Bacall
James Garner
Maureen Stapleton
Hector Elizondo
Michael Biehn,
Dwight Schultz
Release date(s) May 15, 1981
Running time 95 mins
Country  United States
Language English
Box office $3,082,096

The Fan is a 1981 thriller about a stalker menacing a movie star. It stars Lauren Bacall, Michael Biehn, James Garner and Maureen Stapleton. It was written by Priscilla Chapman and John Hartwell, based on the novel of the same name by Bob Randall, and directed by Edward Bianchi. It was released on May 15, 1981 by Paramount Pictures. The film was nominated for a Razzie Awards for Worst Original Song for "Hearts, Not Diamonds".[2]

This movie received a lot of attention because it was released a few months after the murder of John Lennon, who was shot to death by Mark David Chapman, a former fan, outside his apartment building The Dakota, a building which Lauren Bacall has long resided in. However, it was a critical and commercial failure.

The Fan was shot in New York City from March 31, 1980 to July 1980.


Douglas Breen (Michael Biehn) is a deranged young record salesman who is obsessed with glamorous stage and screen star Sally Ross (Lauren Bacall). He has been writing obsessive fan letters to her and when Sally's secretary (Maureen Stapleton) disregards the letters, deeming them not worthy of Sally's time, Douglas feels he is being ignored and decides to take whatever steps are necessary to eliminate the people who stand between him and his favorite star.


DVD release[edit]

The Fan was released on DVD in Region 1 by Paramount Pictures on September 24, 2002.


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