The Final Winter

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The Final Winter
The final winter 2007 poster.JPG
Theatrical poster for The Final Winter
Directed by Brian Andrews
Jane Forrest
Produced by Anthony Coffee
Michelle Russell
Written by Matthew Nable
Starring Matthew Nable
Music by Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks
Cinematography Philippe Rousselot
Edited by Michael Tronick
Distributed by Paramount Pictures Australia
Release dates 6 September 2007
Running time 96 minutes[1]
Country Australia
Language English

The Final Winter is an Australian drama film released in 2007. It was directed by Brian Andrews and Jane Forrest and produced by Anthony Coffee, and Michelle Russell, while independently produced it is being distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was written by Matthew Nable who also starred as the lead role 'Grub' Henderson. The film, which earned praise from critics,[2] focuses around Grub who is the captain of the Newtown Jets football team in the early 1980s and his determination to stand for what rugby league traditionally stood for while dealing with his own identity crisis.[3]


The film explores the way in which business tore up the loyalty that was between Grub's club and family. Essentially this is a metaphor for the way in which business began to imprint the game of Rugby League during the 1980s, and saw the rise of commercialism in the game.[4] Consequently Grub must battle with an administration that wanted him gone and additionally his brother and coach's betrayal. The film also deals with the domestic issues between Grub and his wife and his children, as their husband and father has been transformed from who he was to who he has become.[3]


The film also features cameo appearances from Tom Raudonikis, Roy Masters, Thomas Keneally, Jack Elsegood, Max Krilich, Phil Sigsworth, Noel "Ned" Kelly[5][6][7] and Australian Wrestling Federation ring announcer 'The Duke of Wrestling' Kieran Burns.

Box office[edit]

The Final Winter grossed $284,354 at the box office in Australia.[8]


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