The Floating Landscape

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The Floating Landscape (Traditional Chinese: 戀之風景 French: Paysage Suspendu) is a 2003 Hong-Kong film directed by Carol Lai Miu-suet (黎妙雪), produced by Stanley KWAN Kam-Pang (關錦鵬) and Sylvain Bursztejn, Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai. The scripwriter was Carol Lai Miu-suet (黎妙雪), the cinematographer was Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai.




Maan, haunted by the death of her lover, struggles to accept a new life. She goes to Qingdao in search of the landscape that her lover spoke of in his final days. There, she meets a young postman, Lit who runs along with Maan every day in the landscape search. While Lit gradually falls for Maan's beauty and passion, she can only think of her lost-lover and the painting

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