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The Flops were a collaboration of John Munson (bassist of Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare) and Matt Wilson (frontman of Trip Shakespeare).

They played several shows (mostly in Minneapolis) between 2001 and 2005. They covered material from the Trip Shakespeare days, Matt's solo efforts (Matt's 1998 CD, "Burnt, White, and Blue") and some new tunes as well. In 2003 they released a CD titled "Ohh La La" with one music disc and one CDROM story disc (some of which were defective) called "Ohh La La a tale of love, loss, rock and roll" by Sam Magavern. Information about the CD can be found at

They announced in their farewell show (Mar 17, 2007) that they would be returning in the fall with a new band in full rock mode, but that they would be "leaving all their best songs behind". The new band was said to be called "the Dark Nights" and had a slight website at which, at the moment, seems no longer active. The Flops website domain has expired Jan 12, 2008.

In late spring of 2005, John Munson began playing in a new trio, "The New Standards" Featuring Chan Poling (of The Suburbs) and Steve Roehm.

At the Provention Concert (Sept. 2, 2008 at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minn), John Munson and Matt Wilson performed as The Twilight Hours[1] and announced that they will have a new album coming out this fall.

The Flops : Ohh La La track list[edit]

  • 1. Deep All the Way Down
  • 2. Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler
  • 3. Trick
  • 4. Hello Caller
  • 5. Drummer Like Me
  • 6. Landing
  • 7. Ooh la La
  • 8. Travel Plans
  • 9. Searchers
  • 10. Face Up
  • 11. Sun Is Coming
  • 12. Reception
  • 13. I'm In Love With a Girl (cover of an Alex Chilton song)
  • 14. Susannah