The Flyboys (film)

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Not to be confused with Flyboys (film).
The Flyboys
Poster of the movie The Flyboys.jpg
Directed by Rocco DeVilliers
Produced by Rocco DeVilliers
Dan Urness
Written by Rocco DeVilliers
Jason DeVilliers
Starring Reiley McClendon
Jesse James
Stephen Baldwin
Tom Sizemore
Music by Lisle Moore
Cinematography Jim Orr
Edited by G. Mitchell Johnson
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Dark Coast Pictures
Release dates
  • January 20, 2008 (2008-01-20) (Park City Film Music Festival)
  • August 15, 2008 (2008-08-15) (United States)
Running time
123 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Flyboys (released Internationally as Sky Kids) is a 2008 American adventure film starring Reiley McClendon, Jesse James, Stephen Baldwin, and Tom Sizemore.


The film starts with Kyle Barret leaving a Motel he and his mother have moved into to go to his first day of school. Jason McIntyre, another student, is about to present his science project, but is tripped by a bully named Rick, causing his project to fall apart. The teacher asks Jason what happened, and he says it's an accident to avoid getting beat up. Kyle tells the teacher it was Rick, and Jason confirms it, getting the bully in trouble.

Outside the school, Rick and his friends are beating up Jason, when Kyle shows up and defeats all of them. Jason tries to talk to Kyle and thank him. He is ignored at first, but they soon become friends. However, they are confronted by Rick's older brother, who tries to beat them up. Jason runs away terrified, while Kyle hits the bully with his bike many times, then rips out his piercing and keys his car. The two are then chased around town by the angry teenager on their bikes and narrowly escape by jumping a canal.

Jason takes Kyle to the airport and introduces him to his uncle Ed, who takes them flying in a biplane. They then have dinner at Jason's house and Kyle confronts him about leaving him to fight alone, but he forgives him. Ed agrees to take the kids flying again the next day at 7:00 AM.

Jason gives Kyle a walkie talkie and convinces him to get in a Twin Beech parked in a hangar, whose owner is never around. They play in the cockpit for a while, but are soon interrupted when someone opens the gate. Kyle suggests they hide in the plane, since if they left it the men would notice them. The planes takes off and lands in another airport, at which point a bag is placed in the back, where they are hiding. The plane then takes off again.

While searching for food, they find a bomb in one of the bags. They go alert the pilot, but no one is in the plane anymore. Jason grabs the controls and Kyle throws out the bomb, and they manage to land the plane in a road filled with cars, almost hitting a truck.

Kyle's mother is serving Ed at the cafe she works at, and they both look at the TV, which is showing an interview with the two boys. The police say they haven't found any trace of a bomb and the kids were just at the wrong time at the wrong place.

The plane's owner, Angelo Esposito, a mafia boss, calls his brother Silvio about it, saying he suspects it was an inside job. It's revealed that Silvio and his friend Lenny were responsible for attempting to destroy the plane and steal Angelo's money.

The next day, Angelo's men pick up the boys at school and take them to his house before Lenny and Silvio do. They stay in the basement playing with dart guns. Silvio and Angelo talk, and Silvio begins showing regret for his actions. Angelo then comes in and plays with them. Shortly after, he asks them if they saw who did it, which they deny. He then says that he'll do each of them any favor of their choice, for them to think about. He then asks Silvio and Lenny to take the kids home.

During the ride, Kyle uses his walkie talkie to tell the guys that Angelo will find and kill them, since they had taken Jason's walkie talkie. The boys are shocked to hear it ring in the car. They tell Silvio that Angelo will forgive him, but Lenny points a gun at them. They both go outside, and Silvio wants to confess to his brother. Lenny then shoots him in the back. The boys run away, but Kyle gets caught. Jason calls him through the walkie talkie and Lenny answers, saying he has 15 minutes to get to the hangar, or Kyle will die.

Jason sneaks into the hangar, but is too scared to do anything. Ed enters the hangar and agrees to fly Lenny out of the country in exchange of him letting Kyle go. Ed insists that the plane needs more fuel, so Lenny tells him to get him high enough to jump. Jason gathers the courage to get in the plane, but it still takes off. The plane soon reaches the correct altitude, but before Lenny jumps, Kyle tells him that Angelo will kill him, and Lenny tries to throw out of the plane, but Ed performs stunts to prevent this. Ed then goes to the back of the plane and helps Kyle fight, while Jason flies the plane. Kyle throws the money out the door, and Lenny pushes him out. Ed grabs a parachute and Jason, and they jump out to save Kyle. They all land safely and Angelo's helicopter arrives. They tell him that Silvio was shot and he asks then where Lenny is. The plane then crashes into a mountain and explodes.

The next day, Ed, Jason and Kyle take Kyle's mom for her first flight and she is scared to find his biplane. Angelo gives Ed a brand new plane and they decide to take it for a ride.



The Flyboys was filmed in parts of Southwestern Utah, mainly in Hurricane, Utah, St. George, Utah, Washington, Utah, and Zion National Park.

Broadcast and home media[edit]

The film was first broadcast on Sky Movies UK on 15 August 2009. It was released on DVD in the UK titled Sky Kids on 25 May 2009.


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