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Coordinates: 51°36′30.9″N 0°6′59.8″E / 51.608583°N 0.116611°E / 51.608583; 0.116611 The Forest Academy (formerly Hainault Forest High School) is a mixed, multi-cultural secondary school and sixth form situated near to Hainault Forest Country Park in Hainault, London. The school is an academy sponsored by Beal High School, and it also has a specialism in business and enterprise.

Notable former pupils[edit]


  1. ^ "Union Bob only thinks of his men - mum". Ilford Recorder. 6 September 2007. Retrieved 30 April 2010. "Mrs Crow recalled how her stepson was brought up in Redbridge and attended Hainault Forest High School, Harbourer Road, Hainault, before rising to the top of the union movement. She said: "He's been back there to see them in the past couple of years. "He went there - they asked him if he wanted to go and see the children."" 
  2. ^ "Mz Bratt sings praises of maths". Ilford Recorder. 1 July 2009. Retrieved 30 April 2010. "Mz Bratt is part of a new breed of intelligent young stars from London crossing over into the charts. A former Hainault Forest High School pupil, she achieved 10 A-C GCSEs, despite the pressures of her fledging career." 

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