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The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show is a syndicated talk radio show based at WGRD in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The show is hosted by Gregg "Free Beer" Daniels, Chris "Hot Wings" Michels, Eric Zane, "Producer Joe" Gassmann and Producer Steve McKiernan. The show is syndicated throughout America, and is distributed by Compass Media Networks.

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show has also guest hosted The Dan Patrick Show on multiple occasions.[1]

Holiday Break-in[edit]

Each December, the show solicits the nomination by their listeners of needy families to be the recipients of the Holiday Break-in for those unable to buy holiday gifts. Once the recipients are selected, participating radio affiliates break-in to the houses of these families (with the assistance of the nominator, a locksmith, and local police) and bring the holidays where there would be none.[2] They decorate and leave presents - in the past, the gifts have included toys for the children, gift cards, paid rent, appliances, and cars. A few of the break-ins occur on the air - most do not. No notification is left as to who the gifts came from; the recipients rarely determine who was responsible for the seemingly random act.

Inspired by the work done by the show, in 2008 local high schools in West Michigan began conducting their own break-ins for needy families. In 2009, representatives of each school appeared on the show and shared stories about the recipients and how the break-ins went.


The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show won the Michigan Association of Broadcasters award in 2005[3] 2006,[4] and 2007.[5]

The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show won the American Association of Adult Films Best Male Orgy award in 2014 for their work in the film Shock Jock Cock Shock


Station Location Notes
WGRD-FM 97.9 Grand Rapids, Michigan Flagship station as of September 2004 [6]
WBUZ-FM 102.9 The Buzz Nashville, Tennessee[7][8] Replaced The Bob and Tom Show
WCHR-FM 105.7 The Hawk Manahawkin, New Jersey[9][10][11] First station to carry the show when it became syndicated.
WHXR Rock 106.3 Portland, Maine Replaced The Howard Stern Show
WQBK-FM 103.5 / 103.9 Q-103 Albany, New York Replaced The Howard Stern Show
WQLZ-FM 92.7 The Rock Station Springfield, Illinois Replaced Ray Lytle's Morning Disaster
WKZQ-FM 96.1 KZQ Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Swapped morning shows with WYAV-FM 104.1 Wave
WBSX-FM 97.9x Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Replaced Jim Bone In The Morning
KZRV-FM REV 96.7 St. Cloud, Minnesota
WWBN-FM Banana 101.5 Flint, MI Replaced The Bob and Tom Show
WXBN-FM 105-5 The Bone Winchester, Virginia
WZOR-FM 94.7 Razor 94.7 Appleton, Wisconsin
KROG-FM 96.9 The Rogue Medford, Oregon Replaced The Rogue Morning Show with Beefcake & Laura
WPXC-FM 102.9 PIXY 103 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
WVRX-FM 95.7 The X Knoxville, Tennessee
WZGM-AM 1350 Asheville, North Carolina
KRNA-FM 94.1 Iowa City, Iowa
W276BQ/WQEN-HD2 103.1/103.7 HD-2 103.1 the Vulcan Birmingham, Alabama
WMYK-FM 98.5 Kokomo, Indiana
WWTH-FM 100.7 Oscoda, Michigan
WFTK-FM 96.5 96 Rock Cincinnati, Ohio
99.9 K-Bat Midland, Texas
KTUX 99X (98.9 FM) Shreveport, LA Replaced The Bob and Tom Show
WQCK 105.9 QWiK Rock State College, PA

Past affiliates[edit]

Station Location Reason
WJZJ-FM Real Rock 95.5 Traverse City, MI Poor ratings
Rock 94.7 Wausau, Wisconsin Poor ratings
KMXN-FM X 92.9 Lawrence, Kansas Station changed format in 2009
WDRK-FM 99.9 The Carp Eau Claire, Wisconsin[12] Station changed format in August 2009.
WXTT-FM eXtra 99.1 Champaign, Illinois
WYAV-FM 104.1 Wave Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Swapped morning shows with WKZQ-FM 96.1 KZQ
WODE-FM 99.9 The Hawk Allentown, PA
KERX-FM 95.3 The Rebel Fort Smith, Arkansas
WTHK-FM 97.5 The Hawk Trenton, New Jersey Station changed format in November 2006
WEGE-FM 104.9 The Eagle Lima, Ohio[13]
KBZZ-AM The Big Buzz 1270 AM Reno, Nevada
WAVF-FM 96.1 WAVE FM Charleston, South Carolina
WLKZ-FM 104.9 The Hawk Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
WBVX-FM B92 Lexington, KY
WLPA-FM 92.7 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Station changed format on September 3, 2014.
WVIC-FM 94.1 The Edge Lansing, MI Station changed format March 16, 2015


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