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French Orthodox Church redirects here. For the Chalcedonian body, see Orthodox Church of France.

The French Coptic Orthodox Church (French: Métropole copte orthodoxe de France) is an Oriental Orthodox church and an outgrowth of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.


Coptic immigration to France began as early as 1801 after the French Invasion of Egypt and there was significant immigration after the 1952 Revolution in Egypt.

The Church was canonically instituted by Pope Shenouda III on July 2, 1974, as the French Coptic Orthodox Eparchy. On June 18, 1994, Pope Shenouda raised the status of the Eparchy to the French Coptic Orthodox Church, a new, self-governing body (the church is integrated within the Church of Alexandria, but is considered autonomous in matters of governance).[1]

The church was headed by Metropolitan Marcos until his death on May 11, 2008.[2] The seat of the head of the French Coptic Orthodox Church has remained vacant since then. The French-speaking Coptic community is now served by Bishop Athanasius, a member of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Priests in the church serve in cities across France.


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