The Front Man

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The Front Man: Bono (In The Name Of Power)
Author Harry Browne
Country Ireland
Language English
Subject Politics
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Verso Books
Publication date
Media type Print

The Front Man: Bono (In The Name Of Power) is a book by Dublin-based Irish-American journalist Harry Browne about Bono, lead singer of the Irish band U2. In it, he criticises the singer's support for global capitalism and US militarism.[1][2][3] Browne contends that Bono has "turned his attention to a planet of savage injustice, inequality and exploitation, and [...] in some ways, helped make it worse."[4] The book examines Bono's role in Irish investments before the Irish financial crisis, his promotion of neoliberalism in Africa, his multinational business interests, and his association with controversial figures such as George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Paul Wolfowitz and Jeffrey Sachs.[5]


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