The Fruitties

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The Fruitties
Created by Antoni D'ocon
Written by Josep Viciana
Country of origin Spain
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 56
Running time 25 mins
Production company(s) D'Ocon Films Production
Picture format 4:3
Original run 1 November 1988  – 1989

The Fruitties is an animated television series produced in Spain by D'Ocon Film Productions in 1987. It was originally aired on Spanish television TVE. Originally 91 episodes were created, each 10 minutes long, but the series was often repackaged as 56 25-minute episodes. The series was dubbed into many languages and in 1991 an English-language version of the show made its debut on British television.


The show featured the adventures of anthropomorphic talking fruit in and around a forest island.

International broadcast[edit]

  • Republic of Ireland It was broadcast on RTÉ2 1989.
  • United Kingdom Cartoon Network during 1994–2002 known as The Fruitties.
  • France The series was known as Les Fruittis.
  • Spain Known as Los Fruittis.
  • Bulgaria It was broadcast in Bulgaria, known as "Плодчетата".
  • Serbia It was broadcast in Serbia on "Kanal D". Known as "Voćkice".
  • Slovakia It was broadcast in Slovakia known as Ovocníčkovia.
  • Brazil It was broadcast in Brazil known as Frutas e companhia.
  • Italy It was broadcast in Italy known as Tutti Frutti.
  • Poland It was broadcast in Poland known as Owocowe ludki.
  • Egypt It was broadcast in Egypt known as الفواكه in Arabic.
  • Andorra It was broadcast in Andorra known as Els Fruittis.
  • Korea It was broadcast in South Korea known as "과일동산".
  • Romania It was broadcast in Romania known as "Fructișoarele".
  • Hungary It was broadcast in Hungary known as "Gyumolcsfalva lakoi".
  • Greece It was released in Greece known as "Τα Φρουτάκια".



The show is fondly remembered for its musical songs at both the opening and closing credits.[citation needed]


A DVD of the Spanish version was issued in 2006. A DVD of the English version has yet to be released.

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