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Type Student publication
Owner(s) Ateneo de Manila University
Founded 1929
Headquarters MVP 201-202, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines
Official website

The GUIDON is the official student newspaper of the Ateneo de Manila University. It is a part of the Ateneo's Confederation of Publications (COP), including Heights and Matanglawin.[1] The GUIDON is published monthly from June to March.

The GUIDON is one of the founding members of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines, along with The Varsitarian of the University of Santo Tomas, The Philippine Collegian of the University of the Philippines Diliman and The National of National University (Philippines).[citation needed]

It has four sections, namely: the Main (which include News, Opinion, and Sports) section, the Beyond Loyola section, the Features section, and the Inquiry section. The Inquiry section deals with explanatory and investigative journalism while The Beyond Loyola section tackles issues outside the Ateneo campus and deals with national and international affairs.[2]

Aside from the four sections which are in print, The GUIDON also has an official website and an online magazine.

The GUIDON is currently on its 85th year.[3]


Before 1929, the students of the Ateneo de Manila persistently demanded for a newspaper that would provide them with information on school activities and achievements of the alumni.[citation needed] To answer to this need,[citation needed] The GUIDON was founded on June 22 by 1929. by Rev. Frank O'Hara, SJ, with Manuel C. Colayco as the first editor-in-chief.[3][4]

In the 1930s, the paper immersed itself in national issues with a Catholic slant, and loudly protested a proposed divorce bill. Its operations ceased when the World War II broke out, and operations resumed in 1946 under the editorship of Max Soliven. As the paper began to promote peace, its goals expanded from recording Ateneo history-in-the-making and serving to include pieces that were more socially relevant.[5]

The 1950s saw the paper displayed abroad, with numerous awards given to it. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the Associated Collegiate Press consistently recognized the excellence of the newspaper.[citation needed]

In the 1960s, The GUIDON filled its pages with the feasibility of coeducation in the University. In addition, critical appraisals of the Ateneo system sought to bring the Atenean "down from the hill"--a protest to the dominance of the elite in Philippine society.[citation needed]

In the 1970s, the paper involved itself in the greater national situation. The years leading to martial law saw Volumes 38 and 39 of The GUIDON produced as Ang Pandayan. The paper's Editorial Board likewise found itself split, leading to publication of two versions of The GUIDON.[citation needed]However, before the legitimacy of either one could be established, Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, forcing both papers to temporarily shut down. In 1973, The GUIDON was the first[citation needed] student newspaper to resume operations after martial law was declared.

After women were admitted to the university beginning 1973, coeducation began to affect The GUIDON, who had Chao Chuatico appointed as its first female editor-in-chief.[citation needed] The assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr. in 1983 paved the way for the paper to be more involved in national issues. Since then the paper has actively covered and critiqued issues of national concern.[citation needed]

Due to advancements in technology, the 1990s witnessed the abandoning of cut-and-paste methods for updated computer technology. In 1995, the paper came out in two separate sections, instead of one as it had in the past.[citation needed] The GUIDON also grew as an organization, creating staffs like Operations, Human Resources, and Marketing. During this period, the paper also increased its involvement in legislation, proposing amendments to the Campus Journalism Act of 1991.[citation needed]

The Athlete of the Year Award from the 1940s was renamed The GUIDON Moro Lorenzo Award for Sports. The paper's Research Department was rechristened the Inquiry Team. The GUIDON also came up with Pamaskong Handog, an outreach program.

The GUIDON 's recent history saw the separation of Features and Inquiry from the main section. In the year 2003-2004, the human resources arm Training and Development Team was formed[citation needed], assigning Willard Cheng as its first manager. The Operations staff was also rechristened the Externals staff.[citation needed] The full-color Beyond Loyola section, which deals with social, political, and economic issues outside the Ateneo, was created by Associate Editor Paterno Esmaquel II in 2007.[citation needed]

The GUIDON 's lifestyle magazine was also created online. From being the alternative Alt+G[citation needed], the e-zine g magazine was launched in 2008.[citation needed] In 2012, it was relaunched as Katipunan Magazine.[6]

Sections and Staffs[edit]

The GUIDON has six writing sections, three design staffs, and three organizational staffs. These are:

Writing Cluster

  • News
  • Sports
  • Beyond Loyola
  • Features
  • Inquiry
  • Katipunan Magazine

Design Cluster

  • Photos
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia

Organizational Cluster

  • Training and Development
  • Externals
  • Online Media

Editorial Board (2014-2015)[edit]

Editor-in-Chief Mara Alyssabel D. Cepeda
Associate Editor Vernise Allison L. Tantuco
Managing Editor Katherine Mary E. Pearson
Design Executive Editor Jan-Daniel S. Belmonte
News Editor Ennah Faye A. Tolentino
Sports Editor Ignacio Gregorio C. Razon
Beyond Loyola Editor Roxanna May Y. Ramirez
Features Editor Pia Josefina H. Posadas
Inquiry Editor Lyssa Minette A. Marquez
Katipunan Magazine Editor Santiago Jose J. Arnaiz
Photos Editor Ryan Paul Y. Racca
Graphic Design Editor Catherine Margaret C. Quintos
Multimedia Editor Arthur Jarred D. Tan
Training and Development Manager Karen Therese Romina G. Sison
Externals Manager Julie Diane T. Lim
Online Media Manager Ma. Josephine C. Unas

Special Issues[edit]

Blue Ballot - The GUIDON's special coverage of elections, including national elections, Ateneo freshmen elections, and Ateneo's general elections.[7][8][9]

Grad Mag - a special project created by senior GUIDONeers for graduating seniors. It features special events, significant teachers and students, and other important issues featured in The GUIDON during their batch.

Special Projects[edit]

ACED-The GUIDON Workshop - a tie-up with the Ateneo Center for Educational Development, this workshop invites students from public schools who are interested in journalism. Selected GUIDONeers instruct and give them tips on basic news writing, editing, photography, lay-outing, and others.

Pressplay - a tie-up with The LaSallian, De La Salle University's official newspaper, this is an annual student press convention in cooperation with the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP). It features seminars in writing, editing, photography, and art. Contests are also held for the participants, composed of other student publications.[10]

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