The Gambia (Commonwealth realm)

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The Gambia
Commonwealth realm

Flag Coat of arms
"Progression, Peace, Progress"
For The Gambia Our Homeland
Location of the Gambia (dark red) in Western Africa.
Capital Banjul
Languages English
Government Constitutional monarchy
 -  1965–1970 Elizabeth II
 -  1965–1966 John Warburton Paul
 -  1966–1970 Farimang Mamadi Singateh
Prime Minister
 -  1965–1970 Dawda Jawara
Historical era Cold War
 -  Independence 18 February 1965
 -  Republic 24 April 1970
Currency Gambian Pound (from 1966)
Calling code +220

The Commonwealth realm of the Gambia was a predecessor to the modern-day of The Gambia and an independent state that existed between 1965 and 1970.

When British rule ended in 1965, Gambia was given independence as a Commonwealth realm, in which the state existed until the proclamation of the republic in 1970, Two referenda were held; one in 1965, with 65.85% in favour and 34.15 against, but it did not reach the two-thirds majority needed to pass the referendum, and a second in 1970 with 70.45% percent of the Gambian people voting in favour of a republic, 29.55% against. The Republic of the Gambia came into existence on the 24 April 1970. During the commonwealth phase, the British monarch remained head of state of the Gambia, and was represented in the Gambia by a governor-general. The following governors-generals held office in the Gambia during this period:

  1. John Warburton Paul (18 February 1965 – 9 February 1966)
  2. Farimang Mamadi Singateh ( 9 February 1966 – 24 April 1970)

Despite being Head of State of the Gambia during this period; Queen Elizabeth II never actually visited the Gambia in her capacity as Queen of the Gambia. Dawda Jawara held office as prime minister (and head of government) of the Gambia during this period. Following the abolition of the monarchy, he became the first President of the Republic of the Gambia.

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