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The Game Channel (TGC)
Current Logo of The Game Channel (TGC) since 2014
Launched April 8, 2011
Owned by Solar Entertainment Corporation
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Slogan We Got Game
Language English
Broadcast area Philippines
Headquarters Mandaluyong City, Philippines [1]
Sister channel(s) My Movie Channel
Jack City
Jack TV
Solar Sports
NBA Premium TV
Cignal Digital TV Channel 18
Destiny Cable Channel 89 (Analog)
Channel 219 (Digital)
Cablelink Channel 225 (Digital Subscribers)
Telmarc Cable Channel 96
SkyCable Channel 219 (Digital Subscribers)
PCTV (Boracay) Channel 54

The Game Channel [2] (abbreviated TGC, stylized as tgc since January 2014) is a cable and satellite television network in the Philippines owned and produced by Solar Entertainment Corporation who also created the networks My Movie Channel, NBA Premium TV, Jack TV, Solar Sports, BTV.[3][4] It is currently available over Destiny Cable channel 89 and channel 225 on Cablelink. This network is more focused on family game shows and reality game shows.


Initial broadcast and BEAM Channel 31 affiliate[edit]

Logo of The Game Channel. (2011)
Logo of The Game Channel from 2012-2014

The Game Channel launched on April 8, 2011 on Destiny Cable. It conducted its initial test broadcast from April 8, 2011 until September 29. Recently, it had launched its initial broadcast on BEAM Channel 31 on August 15, 2011. It had its official broadcast together with its former affiliated free TV network BEAM Channel 31 on September 30, 2011.[5][6] On October 1, 2011, The Game Channel was formerly launched on SkyCable via channel 84 and it was available through its digital platform.

The Game Channel & CHASE[edit]

On December 24, The Game Channel limited its broadcast on daytime sharing with a new channel CHASE which takes over the evening block.[7][8]

Chase goes 24[edit]

In the middle of February 2012, while CHASE started its broadcast, there is an investigator note appeared on every show of Chase (which is located on the lower-left side on the TV screens). Noted that CHASE goes 24. After that event, on February 15, 2012, The Game Channel bid farewell to the Free-TV Viewers. Chase took all over its permanent blocktime broadcast. This network was broadcast on Destiny Cable (channel 89) on the same day.


  • I'm Game for The Game Channel (2011-2014)
  • We Got Game (2014–present)


Current aired programs[edit]

Game Shows[edit]

Reality Shows[edit]


  • America's Next Great Restaurant
  • Game Changers (season 1)
  • Ice Cold Cash (season 1)
  • The League (season 3)

Previously aired programs[edit]

¹Updated as of September 6, 2013

See also[edit]

  • GSN(American television channel devoted to game shows & reality shows)
  • Challenge (a United Kingdom channel devoted to airing British game shows from various archives along with some international games)
  • Solar TV (now defunct)
  • Chase (now Jack CITY)
  • GameTV(a Canadian channel which airs classic Canadian game shows, and other casino gaming programs)
  • Вопрóсьі и отвéтьі ("Questions and Answers"/a Russian channel devoted to airing Russian game shows along with a few international ones)
  • Solar Entertainment Corporation
  • BEAM Channel 31 (A television network which formerly broadcast on The Game Channel)


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