The Game of Their Lives (2002 film)

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The Game of Their Lives
천리마 축구단
Game of their lives.jpg
Directed by Daniel Gordon
Produced by Daniel Gordon (principal), Nicholas Bonner (associate producer)
Release dates
21 October 2002
Running time
80 minutes
Language English

The Game of Their Lives (천리마 축구단) or "Chollima Chookgudan" is a 2002 documentary film directed by Daniel Gordon and his executive Nicholas Bonner about the seven surviving members of the North Korean national football team who participated in the Football World Cup 1966.[1] Its victory over the Italian team propelled the North Korean team into the quarterfinal: it was the first time an Asian squad had advanced so far in a World Cup.

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  1. ^ Alan Tomlinson, Christopher Young National Identity and Global Sports Events: Culture, Politics, and ... 2006 - Page 96 "The seven surviving members of the North Korean team were brought back to Middlesbrough in 2002 for the documentary film The Game of Their Lives, made by Nick Bonner and Dan Gordon and shown on BBC 4. ".

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