The Gate of Youth

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The Gate of Youth
The Gate of Youth 1981 DVD cover.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Kinji Fukasaku, Koreyoshi Kurahara
Written by Tatsuo Nogami
Music by Hako Yamazaki
Cinematography Toru Nakajima, Hanjiro Nakazawa
Release date(s) 1981
Country Japan
Language Japanese

The Gate of Youth (青春の門 Seishun no mon?) is a 1981 film directed by Kinji Fukasaku and Koreyoshi Kurahara.

It is based on a story by Hiroyuki Itsuki that was originally serialized in the magazine Shukan Gendai in 1969-70. The same story inspired a 1975 film, also titled Seishun no mon (青春の門?), as well as three separate television productions in 1976-77 (TBS), 1991 (TV Tokyo), and 2005 (TBS).[1]



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