The Geeks Get the Girls

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"The Geeks Get the Girls"
Single by American Hi-Fi
from the album Hearts on Parade
Released June 14, 2005
Genre Power pop
Length 2:52
Label Island
American Hi-Fi singles chronology
"The Breakup Song"
"The Geeks Get The Girls"
"Hell Yeah!"

"The Geeks Get the Girls" is the first single from American Hi-Fi's third album, Hearts on Parade. It was also the theme song to MTV's You've Got a Friend and the first two seasons of Beauty and the Geek, which was on the pre-"the CW" WB network.


The song is about a boy who is described as a loser, geek and freak and his attempts to woo an attractive woman he meets in a bar. Despite his somewhat pathetic attempts, the song ultimately ends with him taking the girl back to his apartment.

Music Video[edit]

Before American Hi-Fi were signed to Maverick, the band made a low budget video of the song for their promotion.It only showed the band performing on a stage. The second version of the video was released after signing to Maverick where the video goes with the story line, the geek getting the girl while American Hi-Fi are performing on the beach shore.


US single

  1. "The Geeks Get the Girls"
  2. "Maybe Won't Do"
  3. "Separation Anxiety"
  4. "The Victory Song"
  5. "My Soul to Lose"
  6. "Dead on the Inside"
  7. "The Geeks Get the Girls" (Video)

Japan single

  1. "The Geeks Get the Girls"
  2. "Maybe Won't Do"
  3. "Separation Anxiety"


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