The Ghost Galleon

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The Ghost Galleon
Film poster
Directed by Amando de Ossorio
Produced by J.L. Bermudez de Castro
Written by Amando de Ossorio
Starring Maria Perschy,
Jack Taylor,
Barbara Rey
Music by Antón García Abril
Cinematography Raúl Artigot
Edited by Petra de Nieva
Distributed by Blue Underground
Release dates
  • 15 September 1974 (1974-09-15)
Running time 106 min
Country Spain
Language Spanish

The Ghost Galleon (El Buque maldito, U.S. title Horror of the Zombies) (1974) is a Spanish horror film written and directed by Amando de Ossorio and starring Jack Taylor. It is also known as Horror of the Zombies, a title frequently found on public domain DVD copies.


A pair of swimsuit models are out in a boat to stage a publicity stunt by appearing to be stranded. They discover a mysterious galleon shrouded in mist and board it. When contact is lost, the wealthy and unscrupulous businessman who sent them out decides to mount his own rescue mission and abducts one of the models' friends. The abducted girl makes an unsuccessful escape attempt. The businessman and his secretary recruit an eccentric scholar to assist them in their search for the missing models and their boat.

The phantom galleon carries the coffins of the Knights Templar, eyeless mummies who hunt humans by sound. The two models are killed before the rescue party arrives. The rescue party also board the galleon, then discover their ship has vanished. The abducted girl is captured and dragged into the depths of the ship to be dismembered and eaten, while the rest of the group is locked in an unnatural sleep. The survivors struggle to repel and combat the spectral knights with what little knowledge they have of them.




Critical reception for the film has been mostly negative.

TV Guide awarded the film 1 / 4 stars criticizing the pacing of the first hour of the film as being too slow, yet praised the film's atmosphere and ending.[1]


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