The Glittering Storm

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The Glittering Storm
The Glittering Storm (The Sarah Jane Adventures).jpg
Release number 1
Featuring Sarah Jane Smith
Luke Smith
Clyde Langer
Maria Jackson
Writer Stephen Cole
Publisher BBC Audio
Read by Elisabeth Sladen
ISBN 1-4056-7824-0
Format(s) CD and Digital Download
Length 75 minutes
Release date 5 November 2007
Followed by The Thirteenth Stone

The Glittering Storm is the first audio story in a series of ten audiobooks, written by Stephen Cole and is a spin-off from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, itself a spin-off from Doctor Who.


Sarah Jane Smith investigates a number of burglaries by pensioners in her local area, Maria and Sarah Jane go undercover to try find out what is making otherwise innocent people to commit burglaries and what happens to the items after they are taken, this lead to an alien plot to take over the earth.[1][2][3]


Sarah Jane mentions "an asteroid of gold" last heard of in Revenge of the Cybermen.


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