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The Global Dow (GDOW) is a 150-stock index of corporations from around the world, created by Dow Jones & Company. Only blue-chip stocks are included in the index.

Like its famous progenitor, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU), stocks in The Global Dow are selected by senior editors of The Wall Street Journal. Joining them for this new index were Dow Jones Newswires senior editors in the three major regions of the globe. But unlike the Dow everyone is familiar with, The Global Dow is much bigger—150 stocks rather than 30—and its components are weighted equally rather than by price. All 30 Dow industrial stocks are included in The Global Dow, as well as some from the Dow Jones Transportation and Utility averages.

The biggest difference, however, is in concept and purpose. The Global Dow tracks leading companies from around the world in all industries, selected not just for current size and reputation but also for their potential.

The Global Dow covers both developed and emerging markets, recognizing that far-flung areas of the world are becoming more closely linked and more interdependent, and that wealth creation is no longer concentrated in a few countries. In addition, it includes companies from emerging sectors, such as alternative energy.

The components of The Global Dow are equally weighted. This means that price movements of the larger stocks have no greater impact on index performance that those of the smaller stocks.

The Global Dow is calculated and disseminated in real time by Dow Jones Indexes. Current and closing values can be accessed through a variety of media, including daily in The Wall Street Journal, and real time at The Base Value is 1000 as of December 31, 2000.

The Global Dow (GDOW) components[edit]

Country allocation[edit]

Country  %
USA 42.27%
Japan 9.97%
Great Britain 8.30%
France 6.85%
Germany 4.74%
Switzerland 4.62%
China 3.05%
India 2.39%
Spain 2.29%
Hong Kong 2.20%
Brazil 1.86%
Canada 1.64%
South Korea 1.52%
Australia 1.37%
Italy 1.15%
Mexico 0.96%
Taiwan 0.79%
Portugal 0.73%
Finland 0.68%
Sweden 0.64%
Russia 0.54%
Greece 0.44%
Norway 0.40%
Denmark 0.32%
Netherlands 0.29%

Sector allocation[edit]

Sector  %
Financials 17.17%
Industrials 13.19%
Consumer Goods 12.27%
Oil & Gas 10.54%
Technology 10.41%
Health Care 10.37%
Consumer Services 9.58%
Basic Materials 6.21%
Telecommunications 5.95%
Utilities 4.30%

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