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The Globalist
Web address
Type of site online magazine
Available language(s) English
Created by Stephan Richter
Editor Stephan Richter
Launched 2000

The Globalist is a daily online magazine that "focuses on the economics, politics and culture"[1] of globalization. The Globalist "aims to provide current and up-to-date news analysis and perspectives on wide-ranging global issues that touch all global citizens".".

Its offices are based in Washington, DC, United States[1] and it began publishing on January 3, 2000. The Globalist was founded by Stephan Richter, who is also its Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. The Globalist, in addition to its English-language flagship, also publishes German- and French-language editions.

Mainstream syndication[edit]

Two current syndication clients of the magazine in the traditional major-market newspaper space are: The Boston Globe[2] and the Orange County Register.[3]


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