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The Goodrich Club is a co-op located at 402 East Porter Street in Albion, Michigan. It was founded in 1932 and named after Dr. Frederic S. Goodrich, then a professor at Albion College.[1]


Originally a men's housing alternative for seminary students of Albion College, the draft of the 1984 constitution begins:

"Goodrich Club, Inc. is a student cooperative for men chartered under Michigan State law as a not-for-profit corporation.  

The central aims of the Club are:

-To promote social, physical, and intellectual development for members of this organization.

-To provide well maintained, low cost living and boarding facilities for selected Albion College students.

During the 1960s the club started to become a haven for artists, musicians, and political and social non-conformists; the eclectic style of decor, consisting mainly of original art, is a testament to this. By 1984, the club had officially opened its door to women residents, although none occupied the house until the mid-1990s.


The Goodrich Club has a long history of traditions, many of which have fallen out of practice such as an annual mustache competition and the "Gentlemen's Hat Club" (a weekly social gathering). Some that have persisted include: yearly work parties to improve the house, hosting large (often themed) parties, a prank rivalry with Dean Hall, and a Professor's Dinner [1].

The Goodrich Club is an important option for low income college students to afford a high quality place to live, and a friendly atmosphere to cultivate lifelong friendships. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.


-All members of the club must be current students, in good standing, of Albion College.

-Absolutely no underage drinking is permitted.

-A general sense of respect must be maintained at all times.

-Smoking inside the house was permitted, but smoking cigarettes in the kitchen was "STRAIGHT-UP-ILLEGAL". On the heels of Michigan's 2010 public smoking ban; a new rule (spearheaded by former president Justin Rivard) was passed banning smoking in all common areas, except on party nights. Clubbies and their guests may still smoke in private bedrooms.

-No dishes are to be left in the sink.

-Being amazing is NOT an option. Excellence is expected at all times. For real.


To become a member of the Goodrich Club one must obtain an application from the club (usually one will be invited and an application will be furnished at that time), fill it out and submit it for review. New applications will be discussed and voted on at the next house meeting, applicants are not to attend this meeting. Applicants who receive a majority of votes in favor of acceptance will move in to the first available room the following semester. Clubbie-elects have the right to attend and vote at all house meetings leading up to and through their stay at the club, although meetings are not mandatory until they move in. Any student in good standing with Albion College may join the club.


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