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The Gown
The Gown logo
Owner(s) Independent
Founder(s) Richard Herman
Editor Kylie Noble
Founded 1955[1]
Language English
Headquarters Queen's University Belfast Students' Union, University Road, Belfast
Circulation 3000
Free online archives Free of charge

The Gown is the independent student newspaper at Queen's University, Belfast, and is the longest running independent student newspaper in the UK. It was formed by Richard Herman, a medical student, in April 1955. In 2005 Dr Herman was able to attend the papers 50th Anniversary.

The paper is run voluntarily by students, and is funded entirely by advertising without University or Students' Union assistance, although it is located in the Union building.


Throughout the Troubles, the 30 years of political violence in Northern Ireland, the newspaper covered the deaths of local MP, Robert Bradford and the murder of Queen's university lecturer and Assembly member Edgar Graham in 1983. The paper also interviewed Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Féin during the height of the Provisional Irish Republican Army's campaign. The Gown also interviewed a then little know band called U2.

The Gown has always been a springboard for students interested in journalism; past contributors include Mark Carruthers and Maggie Taggart of BBC Northern Ireland, The Observer's Henry McDonald, Nick Ross, journalist Eamonn McCann, Irish Times foreign correspondent Conor O'Clery and that paper's cartoonist Martyn Turner.

In February 2010, standing Gown News Editor Lorcan Mullen was published in The Guardian with an article concerning a leaked NI government report regarding university fees.[2]


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