The Growing Pains Movie

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The Growing Pains Movie
Written by David Kendall
Michael Sullivan
Directed by Alan Metter
Starring Alan Thicke
Joanna Kerns
Kirk Cameron
Tracey Gold
Chelsea Noble
Jeremy Miller
Ashley Johnson
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) David Kendall
Gregg Mayday
Jim Botko
Jim Green
Michael Sullivan
Producer(s) Alan Thicke
Running time 88 minutes
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original channel ABC
Original airing November 5, 2000
Followed by Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers

The Growing Pains Movie is a made-for-television movie that premiered on ABC November 5, 2000, as a two-hour episode of ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney anthology series. It was the first of two reunion movies based on the sitcom Growing Pains.


The Growing Pains Movie takes place 8 years after the Seaver Family came off TV. Now they are grown and with kids. Even though the Seavers, are older, they are not all wiser. Mike is married, and has 4 kids, Carol is a very successful manager, Ben cleans pools, and Chrissy is a 17-year old high school student, with a smoking habit. In the middle of the movie, Chrissy goes to work with Maggie, and soon Maggie realizes she is fired, and therefore decides to run a campaign and run against her old boss. And with the help of the old gang, what could possibly go wrong? During the campaign, Carol meets the other campaign manger, Scott Coffer, and falls in love with him, and ironically his 10 year old son Jack. But soon Carol realizes by dating him, it would put the campaign in jeopardy, so she breaks up with him. But this isn't ok with Jack. Knowing his father had real feelings for Carol, he takes matters into his own hands and asks her brother Mike to come up with a scheme, to get Carol, and his dad back together again. Mike agrees because he saw how happy his sister was with Scott Coffer. At the end of the movie, Maggie wins the election, and Carol and Scott get married, and Jack says "Finally! You guys wear me out!" It's a happy ending for all, even if it did have a little trouble getting there.


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