The Growlers

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The Growlers
Origin Dana Point, California, United States
Genres Garage rock, psychedelic rock, beach goth
Years active 2006–present
Labels Everloving, Palmist, Burger, Fat Cat, Ayo Silver, Smack Face
Members Brooks Nielsen
Matt Taylor
Scott Montoya
Anthony Braun Perry
Kyle Straka
Past members Brian Stewart
Warren Thomas
Patrick Palomo
Clark Davison
Miles Patterson

The Growlers are an American band formed in Dana Point, California in 2006, then moved to Costa Mesa, Orange County.[1] The band consists of Brooks Nielsen (vocals), Matt Taylor (lead guitar), Scott Montoya (drums, formerly bass) Anthony Braun Perry (bass) and Kyle Straka (keyboards, guitar).[1] Their first album, Are You in or Out, was released in 2009. Their second album, Hot Tropics, was out in 2010.[2][3][4] The band's third album, Hung at Heart, was released January 22, 2013.[5] Chinese Fountain, their new, "more grown up, well polished" album was released September 23, 2014.[6]


The band is known for its heavy use of effects, including voice effects, especially reverb, and mixes the sound of the Californian rock of the late '60's, with psychedelia creating what they call 'Beach Goth'.

The band's sound has been described as "a trademark style of music that somehow combines country, surf, pop, and rock".[7]


The Growlers have toured with artists such as The Black Keys, Dr. Dog, Devendra Banhart, Julian Casablancas and Night Beats.[8] Their concerts have a great deal of theatricality, often utilizing wigs, heavy make-up, women's dresses and assorted props.

Rock in Rio 2011[edit]

The band played alongside Brazilian alternative rock musician Marcelo Camelo, by invitation of the latter, in Rock in Rio 2011, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The concert was received warmly by the public, which had not had previous contacts with their sound and longed to see, mostly, Camelo, and especially the songs of his former band, Los Hermanos. But, nonetheless, it served its purpose of publishing the band throughout the Brazilian alternative rock fans.[9][10]

Beach Goth Party 2012-2014[edit]

An event hosted by The Growlers at the Observatory in Santa Ana featuring performances by neo-psychadellic and modern surf-rock bands. The Growlers headlined every night, promoting their demo cassette tape "Beach Goth" featuring songs from their later released album "Hung at Heart". The event included costume contests and incredibly intoxicated people. Other bands that played included Methadone Kitty, Summer Twins, together PANGEA, Tijuana Panthers, Cosmonauts, Dante Vs Zombies, and The Abigails the first night, Friday, October 19, 2012. The second night, October 20, 2012, included the acts Feeding People, The Resonars, Thee Rain Cats, TRMRS, Tomorrows Tulips, Audacity, and Sam Flax. The show was presented as the first annual Beach Goth Party. Beach Goth Party 2013 took place October 18 and 19, a two night event hosted again at the Observatory by Burger Records. The line-up included the acts Mystic Braves, Cherry Glazerr, The Garden, and Night Beats.[11][12] Beach Goth 2014, which took place October 25, had the most diverse lineup to date, including acts such as The Drums, DIIV, Joyce Manor, GZA, Foxygen, Alice Glass, La Femme, Chelsea Wolfe, White Arrows,Cherry Glazerr and Vacationer.[13]

Burgerama III (2014)[edit]

The band played alongside many other bands in this 2 day festival. They played before The Black Lips during Day 1. Burgerama III took place in Santa Ana, California, on March 22 and 23. Their setlist included songs such as "Wandering Eyes", "Someday", and "Gay Thoughts." They ended their set with a cover of "Add it up" by the Violent Femmes.[14]



  • Are You In or Are You Out? (2009), Everloving Records
  • Hot Tropics EP (2010), Everloving Records
  • Hung at Heart (2013) Everloving Records (US), FatCat Records (UK & Europe)
  • Gilded Pleasures EP (2013) Everloving Records
  • Chinese Fountain (2014) Everloving Records


  • Couples Vol. 1–4 (2008), no label
  • Couples Vol. 5–8 (2009), no label
  • Split Growlers/Thee Ludds (2011), Palmist, limited to 500 copies[15]
  • Gay Thoughts/Uncle Sam's a Dick (2013), Ayo Silver[16]
  • Not. Psych! (2013), Fat Cat Records, Europe only[17]


  • "Gay Thoughts" / "Feeling Good" (2011), Everloving, limited to 1000 copies on 7" vinyl[18]
  • "Uncle Sam's a Dick" / "Drinking Song for Kids" (2012), no label, limited to 500 copies, of which 250 each were sold online and at concerts on 7" vinyl[19]


  • Beach Goth (2012), Burger Records, limited to 2000 copies, cassette only[20]


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