The Guildhall at SMU

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The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University
Established 2003
Type Graduate School
Director Gary Brubaker
Postgraduates 74
Location Plano, Texas, United States
Website Official Site

The Guildhall at SMU is a video game university located at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Plano campus. Students learn how to create a game, from the basics (e.g. 2D games) to a total conversion. Graduates present their work at a semiannual exhibition. Graduation is accompanied by keynotes of established game developers such as Gabe Newell[1] or Richard Garriott.

Some of the student cohorts (teams working on a project) made their work public, for example the Half-Life 2 mods Eclipse and Weekday Warrior. The latter was the Independent Games Festival 2007 winner in the Best Mod category.[2]

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