The Gypsy (novel)

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The Gypsy
Author Steven Brust, Megan Lindholm
Cover artist Sam Rakeland
Country United States
Language English
Genre urban fantasy
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
Pages 338(Tor paperback edition)

The Gypsy is a 1992 urban fantasy novel written by Megan Lindholm and Steven Brust. It blends elements of Hungarian folk tales with a modern day detective story. The book contains many lyrics to songs that were later recorded to an album called Songs from the Gypsy by Boiled in Lead.

Editions and translations[edit]

The first edition was a hardcover issued by Tor Books in July 1992. At least two softcover editions have been issued since: a mass market paperback by Tor Books in July 1993 and a trade paperback edition by Orb Books in April 2005. A French translation La nuit du prédateur was published by Mnémos in April 2006.

Songs from the Gypsy[edit]

Songs from the Gypsy is an album by Boiled in Lead. The songs were later incorporated into the novel The Gypsy, despite the date of the recording. The album was originally released 21st of June 1995 in a special CD format that included the whole text of the book and some extras like sound clips.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Raven, Owl, and I (3:17)
  2. Leanan Sidhe (3:48)
  3. Hide My Track (4:04)
  4. No Passenger (1:59)
  5. Back In Town (3:38)
  6. Ugros (Springtime) (6:17)
  7. The Gypsy (8:08)
  8. Blackened Page (4:56)
  9. The Fair Lady (3:05)
  10. Red Lights and Neon (4:13)